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Our ProgramsLorenzo and Krissy

Kernes Adaptive Aquatics specializes in warm water exercise programs that promote rehabilitation and relief through movement that is difficult or impossible on land. The warm water suspends the body and relaxes tight joints and muscles; the exercises improve range of motion and strengthen. 

Participation in the programs requires a referral from a doctor or other health care professional. Individualized instruction programs are developed for each client to ensure he or she attains the full potential range of motion, flexibility, strength, ambulation, and coordination. The programs are interactive, with client involvement and feedback encouraged at all times.

There are four program levels:

Full Assistance:  Serves all children and adults who require continuous aid in the water by Kernes staff.
Partial Assistance: Serves adults needing help to enter and exit the pool, safety monitoring, and some guidance during exercises.
Independent Pool Time: For those who are able to participate in an unassisted exercise program.
Aquatic Exercise Classes: Small group classes led by Kernes instructors with medically approved exercises developed by the National Arthritis Foundation.

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Who We ServeCarol

The pool’s enrollment is 100 people of all ages and special requirements.

Kernes Adaptive Aquatic programs serve two primary purposes:

Rehabilitation: Health care providers prescribe therapeutic exercise as part of clients’ goals to restore motion and mobility lost from disease or trauma from surgery or accidents. The staff guides each client through his or her rehab program until recovery goals are achieved.

Maintenance: Regular exercise in the warm water maintains strength, mobility and well-being. Swimming, treading, or just floating with friends provides relief, loosens stiff joints and muscles, and recharges the spirit to take on everyday challenges.

Services are based on medical information, personal goals, and ongoing evaluations of each person’s needs and progress. Clients pay the monthly fees, depending on the level of instruction and number of sessions per week. Fees are kept at an affordable level to make programs available to people of all incomes.

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How to Join a Kernes Aquatic Program

1.  Complete an application. Download the application packet below or call (831) 372-1240 to have an application mailed to you.
2.  Have your doctor, physical therapist or chiropractor complete the Physian's Consent form included in the application packet.
3.  Mail your completed application to:

Kernes Adaptive Aquatics
Attn:  Client Registration
15 Portola Ave.
Monterey, CA  93940  

The Aquatic Program Coordinator will contact you upon receiving your completed application to set up an evaluation appointment to discuss your needs and goals.

Enrolling is Easy!

Application Packet

Current Fee Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

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Pool Hours of OperationLorenzo and Sarah

Monday - Thursday

  9:00am - 6:00pm


  9:00am - 11:30am

12:30pm - 5:00pm

Participation is by scheduled appointment.

Kernes Adaptive Aquatics
15 Portola Ave.
Monterey, CA  93940
(831) 372-1240
Driving Directions:  www.googlemaps.com

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