Kernes Adaptive Aquatics

Josephine Kernes Memorial Pool

Kernes Adaptive Aquatics

Josephine Kernes Memorial Pool

Kernes Adaptive Aquatics

Josephine Kernes Memorial Pool

Therapeutic, warm water exercise programs for people with special needs

Kernes Adaptive Aquatics in Monterey provides personalized, warm water exercise programs that help children to seniors with physical, emotional, or developmental challenges maintain and improve their quality of life.

Our charming and inviting pool is fully enclosed and provides accessible dressing rooms and a lift to get into and out of the water. Kernes Pool’s trained and caring instructors hold lifeguard, first aid, CPR, AID, Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute, and Arthritis Foundation certifications.

Join us to have fun and improve your health, strength, and well-being in Kernes Pool’s 92o water.

Kernes Pool has a matching donation!

A generous donor has pledged a dollar-for-dollar matching contribution up to $12,000 through January 31. If you can help Kernes Pool this year, 200% of your donation goes to providing warm water scholarships to people with disabilities.

Your investment in Kernes Pool puts a smile on their faces and ensures that our community has a place that provides opportunities for everyone to build health and independence.

It’s easy to donate too, just click the yellow Donate button.

Thank you

In 2023, I resolve to ...

Most of us start the New Year with a resolution to live healthier lives, get more exercise, eat better, maybe even lose a little weight. Good intentions often fall by the wayside because “It’s boring or just not fun!” The National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability has many resources and ideas for fun ways to stay healthy and fit. Relief from arthritis, yoga for children, controlling stress, accessible gardening, ‘deskercise’, easy recipes, and many other great ideas and information are available at And don’t forget, gentle movement in the 92o Kernes Pool is great exercise.

Feel Good
Be Healthy
Have Fun!

You will be amazed how gentle, warm water exercise relieves pain and helps you build strength.

It’s easy to get started in your own personalized program in our beautiful 92˚ indoor pool.

From your first visit, you will be glad you did.

Info Corner

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Thank You!

Heartfelt thanks to all of the foundations, businesses, individuals, and public agencies, our Life Savers, who support Kernes’ work. We couldn’t do it without you.