Kernes Adaptive Aquatics

Josephine Kernes Memorial Pool

Kernes Adaptive Aquatics

Josephine Kernes Memorial Pool

Kernes Adaptive Aquatics

Josephine Kernes Memorial Pool

At Kernes Pool, warm water exercise is for everyone.

Kernes Adaptive Aquatics in Monterey provides personalized, warm water exercise programs that help everyone, from children to seniors, maintain and improve quality of life.

Our charming and inviting 92o pool is fully enclosed and has private dressing rooms and a lift to get into and out of the water if needed. Kernes Pool’s trained and caring instructors hold lifeguard, first aid, CPR, AID, and Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Institute certifications.

Whatever your age or ability, Kernes Pool is here to help you enjoy good health and have fun!

Kernes Pool celebrates its 50th Anniversary!

Since 1973, The Josephine Kernes Memorial Pool has provided more than 250,000 warm water sessions to welcome, encourage and assist people to be healthy and feel good.

When founder Edith Perry heated up her backyard pool to teach children with disabilities to swim, she never imagined that Kernes Adaptive Aquatics would continue to help thousands of people gain strength and mobility for 50 years. Today our beautiful pool, named in honor of Edith’s mother, provides people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to swim, exercise or just relax in comforting warm water.

Please join Kernes Pool in celebrating its 50th Anniversary. If you, or someone you know, would benefit from warm water exercise (and really, who wouldn’t?!) we’re here for you. You can also help children with special needs, adults with disabilities, and elders, through a one-time or monthly donation. Or keep this wonderful organization vital for 50 more years by including Kernes Adaptive Aquatics in your will. Email us at for ways to join the celebration. And thank you for making Kernes Pool possible, now and into the future!

Feel Good
Be Healthy
Have Fun!

You will be amazed how gentle, warm water exercise relieves pain and helps you build strength.

It’s easy to get started in your own personalized program in our beautiful 92˚ indoor pool.

From your first visit, you will be glad you did.

Info Corner

Most of us start the New Year with a resolution to live healthier lives, get more exercise, eat better, maybe even lose a little weight. Good intentions often fall by the wayside because “It’s boring or just not fun!”

The National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability has many resources and ideas for fun ways to stay healthy and fit. Relief from arthritis, yoga for children, controlling stress, accessible gardening, ‘deskercise’, easy recipes, and many other great ideas and information are available at

And don’t forget, gentle movement in the 92o Kernes Pool is great exercise.

Thank You!

Heartfelt thanks to all of the foundations, businesses, individuals, and public agencies, our Life Savers, who support Kernes’ work. We couldn’t do it without you.