Kernes Adaptive Aquatics

Josephine Kernes Memorial Pool

Kernes Adaptive Aquatics

Josephine Kernes Memorial Pool

Kernes Adaptive Aquatics

Josephine Kernes Memorial Pool

Kernes Pool Celebrates 50 Years of Community Service and Support!

In 1973, when founder Edith Perry heated up her backyard pool to teach children with disabilities to swim, she never imagined that Kernes Adaptive Aquatics would continue to help thousands of people gain strength and mobility for 50 years. Today our beautiful ADA pool, named in honor of Edith’s mother, provides people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to swim, exercise or just relax in comforting warm water.

Please join Kernes Pool in celebrating its 50th Anniversary. If you, or someone you know, would benefit from warm water exercise, we’re here for you. You can also help children with special needs, adults with disabilities, and elders, through a one-time or monthly donation. Or keep this wonderful organization vital for 50 more years by including Kernes Adaptive Aquatics in your will. Thank you for making Kernes Pool possible, now and into the future!

Marvella Peterman, Founding Director Marvin Guillermo, Kernes Pool Architect

Feel Good
Be Healthy
Have Fun!

You will be amazed how gentle, warm water exercise relieves pain and helps you build strength.

It’s easy to get started in your own personalized program in our beautiful 92˚ indoor pool.

From your first visit, you will be glad you did.

Spring into Spring

Exercise isn’t just about sculpting a perfect physique or hitting personal bests; it’s about nurturing our bodies, fostering wellness, and embracing our capabilities. No matter our age or ability, exercise plays a pivotal role in promoting our physical health, mental well-being, and overall quality of life.

Exercise can also foster a sense of community and belonging. (Kernes Pool, with its warm and welcoming environment, is especially known for this!)  In essence, exercise is a powerful tool that offers physical, mental, emotional and social enrichment. So let’s celebrate our remarkable strength and spirit, and embrace the joy of movement for the boundless possibilities it brings!

Tips to Kickstart Your Journey to Excellent Health

Spring Prize Drawing

Cherries are one of Spring’s most wonderful treats and this painting captures their essence — the abundance of nature, the promise of new beginnings, and the simple pleasures found in the ripening fruit of the earth.  You can enter to win this sweet painting by making a donation in any amount. Every dollar makes a big difference to Kernes Pool!  (To enter the drawing without making a donation, email: